The Handy Psychology Answer Book

The Handy Psychology Answer Book


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Featuring more than 800 answers to questions of how the human mind and the science of psychology really work, this fascinating discussion gives readers the real facts of modern psychology in a fun, approachable way. Avoiding the entertainment fluff of pop psychology and the dryness of overly academic works, this exploration gives insight into the current science of the mind by answering questions questions such as
What makes a marriage last?
Why do toddlers have temper tantrums? and
What are the benefits of getting older?

In addition to the question-and-answer section, an overview looks at the psychology of money, sex, morality, and everyday living.

Lisa J. Cohen
Lisa Cohen, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and the Director of Research for Psychiatry and Psychology at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Dr. Cohen divides her time between clinical work, teaching and scientific research..




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