The Handy Civil War Book

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The nation’s highest-casualty, bloodiest war is still discussed, studied, and acted out. It continues to affect the political boundaries of today. From the economic, political, and social forces behind the conflict, through the first shots fired at Fort Sumter, the military strategies, battles, and people, and from Lee’s surrender at Appomattox to the Southern reconstruction and modern aftermath, The Handy Civil War Answer Book is a captivating, concise, and convenient history of America’s defining conflict. The complex, turbulent, and difficult events leading to the war are explained. The genius and folly of Union and Confederate generals, major battles, and the experiences of lesser-known soldiers and civilians are examined. Blending historical review with a little surprising trivia into an engaging question-and-answer format, it is perfect for browsing and answers more than 900 questions, including … • How did the Mexican–American War influence 1850s America? • What was Robert E. Lee’s connection to George Washington? • What was so important about the Homestead Act? • Would North and South have been reconciled if Lincoln had not been assassinated? • What became of Generals Grant and Lee after the war?




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