Juice Tonics


Juice tonics are exactly what the names says—healing combinations of fruit juices. Juicing is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. Juice is easily digestible so you assimilate the nutrients more efficiently. The antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in juice are powerfully nourishing and healing to your system. All fruit juices are higher in sugar, and the lack of fiber in juice lets your body absorb the sugar more quickly, so we recommend limiting this category to one recipe per day as a meal replacement.
This chapter is really for making the transition to a healthy way of life. A big mistake that most people make when they start juicing is to drink too much fruit juice and throw their body sugar out of whack. In moderation, it is certainly very healthy and restores vibrancy and hydration to your skin. These recipes are enhanced with herbs and spices to make them extra healthful and to balance out the sugar. We prefer sweeter juices earlier in they day so that your body has a chance to metabolize the sugar before resting. Fruit juices should be considered a meal supplement, or drank only with small amounts of food for optimal digestion. Drinking fruit juice on top of a full meal is highly caloric and not conducive to detoxification.



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