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How Can I Know You, God?

So much has changed since the Bible was written. How can I be sure its answers still apply to my life today?

I believe in God and I go to church. Is that enough, or is there more?

Jesus, I want to believe in you. How can I be sure you are real?

Is there something I need to do to begin a relationship with you, Lord? Where do I start?

God, the Bible calls you our Father in heaven. How are you like a father to me?

I know about God the Father and have received Jesus as my Savior. What is the Holy Spirit’s role in my life?

How can I please you, God?

I just blew it again, Lord. Am I still saved?

What about prayer? Is there a certain way I should pray?

I Need Some Advice. Can You Help Me?

Lord, I face so many decisions daily. Where can I turn for direction and guidance?

Lord, I can’t stop worrying. Is there a way to find peace of mind?

I want my life to count. How can I reach my full potential?

Nothing is going right! Is there a way to keep my joy no matter what happens?

I have made a terrible mistake and I feel so guilty. What should I do?

I want to be a good Christian, but I keep messing up. How can I change?

How can I overcome temptation?

I lost my temper—again. Help, Lord!

It’s been a tough day, Lord. Do you have any words of encouragement?

Lord, I know you can heal me. Will you? What is my part in the process?

Lord, I’ve prayed, but I don’t see any changes. What more can I do?

Lord, I’m having trouble paying my bills. Do you have any advice for me?

My lies are catching up with me. How can I quit? It’s hard to always tell the truth.

I know I need to take a stand for what is right. But how will I handle the persecution?

I am overwhelmed by my responsibilities. How can I cope with stress?

What Is the Secret to Good Relationships?

I’m lonely, Lord. Can you help me build lasting friendships?

What should I look for in a friend?

My family fights all the time. Is there a way to stop the strife?

Is there a way to restore a broken relationship?

My parents were critical of me, and I am sometimes critical of others. How can I break this cycle?

You want me to forgive them, Lord? After what they did to me?

My husband and I are having some problems. How can we improve our marriage?

Lord, do I have to wait until you choose a mate for me?

There is someone I care about who needs to know you, Lord. What can I do?

I Want to Be a Better Parent

God, what kind of parent do you want me to be? What can I do for my children?

What is God’s purpose for my family?

Lord, how should I pray for my children?

How can I be more loving to my family?

Good fathers give consistent discipline. How can I get better at this?

Lord, I worry about my children’s safety. Will you protect them?

How can I communicate—heart to heart—with my child?

My child is withdrawing from me. How can I restore our close relationship?

Please Help Me Parent My Child

What are some ways I can encourage my child?

Above all, I want to be sure my child knows you, Lord. What should I do?

How can I help my child reach his full potential?

God, is there a way I can help my child choose wholesome friends?

How can I help my children with peer pressure and teach them to stand alone when necessary?

How can I teach my child the value of honesty?

What can I do about sibling rivalry?

My child is sick. What can I do?

How can I be sure my child is telling me the truth?

My child has walked away from you. I fear the consequences of his lifestyle.

As a Young Person, I Have Some Questions About Relationships

What should I do when friends pressure me to do wrong?

What about when friends drink or take drugs? Or hang out with the wrong group?

What about sex? How far should I go?

What if things have already gone too far?

What’s the best approach to dating?

My best friend won’t talk to me. What should I do?

Can You Help Me With These Challenges?

I need to make a decision, Lord. How can I know what’s best?

Lord, I don’t want to be a casual Christian. How can I bring your power into my world?

Sometimes I feel like no one cares. Am I special to you, Lord?

Lord, what if someone makes fun of me because I believe in you?

Lord, everything seems so hopeless—I wish I could die. How can I go on?

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