Are angels real?

In many religions, angels are powerful spiritual beings who live with God but who sometimes become involved in the lives of people on Earth, often bringing God’s messages to them. According to the Bible, for instance, the angel Gabriel appeared before the Virgin Mary and announced that she would become the mother of Jesus Christ. In the Muslim religion, Gabriel revealed to the Prophet Muhammad the words of Allah (God), which were recorded in the Koran, the sacred book of Islam. Angels are not believed to have physical bodies, but they may look like people when visiting Earth. Over the centuries, artists have portrayed them in many ways: neither men nor women, angels have human forms (appearing as babies, children, or adults) and are winged for travel to their heavenly home. In a few religions, like Roman Catholicism, it is believed that each person on Earth has a special angel who watches over him or her and gives protection from the temptations of the devil; such a being is called one’s guardian angel. The answer to the question of whether angels are real, then, is a matter of faith.


Is there a heaven? Are angels real? Many people believe they are, but only you can decide for yourself whether you believe in these religious issues.


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