Where are the largest factories located?

Factories, also called manufacturing plants, are large buildings where workers create and assemble all types of useful things, or supervise machines to make them, including airplanes, cars, shoes, clothing, household appliances even chocolate. Today's factories usually have large warehouses that hold heavy equipment used for assembly-line production. Most industrial citieslike Shanghai, China; Seoul, South Korea; St. Louis, Missouri; and Detroit, Michiganhave factories. Hershey, Pennsylvania, has the largest chocolate factory in the world, where it makes one billion pounds of chocolate products each year. Other areassuch as the Garment Districts in New York and Los Angelesmake many of the clothes we wear. Recycling plants, found in every major city, take millions of old aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass containers and make new ones, including the world's largest plastic bottle recycling plant in Riverside, California.


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