Which male sea creature keeps its young in a pouch?

The male seahorse takes care of the female’s fertilized eggs in a pouch on the front of his abdomen, which works much like the womb of a female mammal. The female seahorse deposits 100 or more eggs into the male’s pouch. The male releases sperm into the pouch, fertilizing the eggs. The fertilized eggs grow in the wall of the pouch and are coated in a fluid that provides nutrients and oxygen. After two to six weeks (depending upon the species), the eggs hatch and the male seahorse gives birth to live offspring as tiny as 0.04 inches (1 centimeter) long—the only male in the animal kingdom to do so.


Seahorses are fish that really do look like horses! They are also unique because the male seahorse raises its babies in a pouch until they are ready to swim free.


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