Which plant spreads its seeds with the help of children at play?

The dandelion, of course! A dandelion is really many tiny flowers bunched together in one plant. After a dandelion blooms yellow, each of its tiny flowers produces a seed. Each seed is attached to a stem with white fluffy threads. Children who pick up and blow dandelionseven if they do not make a wishare spreading their seeds. Dandelion seeds are carried away by the wind and travel like tiny parachutesoften miles away from the parent planteventually landing and taking root. The dandelion seeds are also a tasty treat for many small birds, and its pollen is an important food source for bees.


Dandelions are considered weeds, but they has a clever strategy for survival. Kidsand even a lot of adultsfind it very irresistible to blow their seeds off their stems, helping them to populate lawns everywhere.


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