Get Your Kid Moving - Basic Con

Basic Cons

The old “I’ll race you to the corner” trick can be used in a variety of circumstances—but it’s particularly useful in this one. Tell your child to say, “Ready, set—GO!” and take off. Let him win. Challenge him again, until you reach your destination.

An alternate version of racing is, “Do you think you can make it to the corner by the time I finish singing the ABC song?”

Take note of landmarks or points of interest in the direction you are headed, and then point them out enthusiastically to encourage forward momentum. “Hey look! A horse sculpture! A duck! Bob Hope! Let’s go see it!” Or “Hey! We’re about to pass the giant doughnut on the side of the road up ahead! Can you see it yet?”

Play “Follow the Leader” or “Marching Band,” taking turns making forward progress. Don’t forget to say “Oompah, oompah” as you march.


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