Get Your Kid to Brush His Teeth - Basic Con

Basic Cons

Be the dentist’s chair. Have your child lie on your reclined body—his back to your chest. Pretend to be the dentist examining his beautiful teeth. Brush them while you’re there.

Ask your child to show his favorite toy how to brush. Have the toy give encouragement. For example, Cookie Monster might say, “Me want to brush teeth but me no know how! Who will show Cookie?” Brush your child’s teeth as a demonstration for the toy and then allow your child to brush the toy’s teeth afterward.

Pretend the toothbrush is electric, even if it’s not. Turn it “on,” making a buzzing noise as you brush.

Don’t call it “brushing teeth,” say that you are “painting teeth.” Ask your child what color he wants his teeth to be, then pretend to paint them as you brush.

Turn the toothbrush into a character itself—“Toothy,” “Brush Limbaugh,” or “Bristley Spears,” perhaps. Talk in a funny voice, and tell your child that “Toothy” really wants to explore the inside of his mouth. It seems silly, but it can work.

Don’t call it “toothpaste,” call it “magic wishing paste.” He gets to make a wish when done brushing.


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