Get Your Kid to Clean Up - Basic Con

Basic Cons

If your child goes to school or daycare, find out their cleanup routines and mimic them at home. (At most schools, cleanup occurs after an activity is completed.)

Institute a “five-minute cleanup” every day: after mealtime, select a song (take turns picking) and play it while everyone cleans up one part of the house.

If you have multiple children, or are attempting to clean up with a group of children, have them line up and pass the items from child to child along the line until they reach their proper home.

Don’t let your child leave a room messy. Establish a pattern in which a room must be tidied up before leaving. Turn it into a little melodrama—close the door and become a wizard who casts a spell on your child and who won’t let him leave until the room is picked up.

Make sure that everything being cleaned up has a set place to go. Whenever possible, label drawers and boxes with words and pictures so that cleanup is also a learning activity. Have a bin for random stuff—otherwise things stay cluttered, or items get misplaced.

Praise, praise, praise—even if only a few items were cleaned up.


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