Get Your Kid to Go to Sleep - Ground Work

Laying the Groundwork

If there’s a clock in your child’s room, make sure it doesn’t emit light at all times. Often, knowing how late it is causes more stress.

Before leaving the room after your bedtime routine, ask if there’s anything on your child’s mind. Talking about problems or anxieties may head off a visit from your child five minutes after you’ve left the room.

Teach your child deep-breathing techniques as a means to relax her mind and body. As you read a story or sing a goodnight song, encourage her to inhale to a count of three and exhale to a count of six. Such concentrated breathing will help her focus on the quietness of the moment and the end of the day.

Give your child a notebook to keep on her nightstand and encourage her to write in it before bed about anything she wants. Five minutes of journaling before falling asleep can help children unload things weighing on their minds.


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