Get Your Kid to Help with Chores - Basic Con

Basic Cons

Provide kid-sized equipment whenever possible. A small broom and dustpan or a tiny rake can inspire wonders.

Don’t call them “chores”—say that she is being “Mom’s (or Dad’s) Special Assistant.” A badge or hat to help her play this role can provide extra incentive.

Whenever possible, work to music. Playing the same album every time you do a certain chore can reinforce the message that it’s fun and that it’s time to work.

Give your child lots of praise and thanks for her contribution to the family.

Use “As soon as ________, then ___________” to ensure chores get done. For example, “As soon as you make your bed, you can play outside.”

Use chore charts and incentives. Each day a child completes a chore, she gets a sticker or a star on her chart. When she has accrued five, ten, or fifteen stars (set the amount beforehand), she can earn something special. This “something special” can be anything from time with a parent doing whatever she wants to an allowance, a new toy, or another desired prize.


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