Get Your Kid to Let You Leave - Basic Con

Basic Cons

Make your getaway while your child is distracted and having fun—playing with the sitter, watching television, reading a book, or dancing around. To facilitate this, purchase a new toy or video and give it to the babysitter to use to distract your child.

Be sure that when you say goodbye you do it positively, confidently, and quickly. Don’t linger or look sad—simply say a quick goodbye, tell your child to have a great time, and remind her that you’ll be back later.

Put everything you need (keys, wallet, bowling ball) by the door or in your car ahead of time so that you can make a clean and quick getaway.

Make up a story about a child whose parents went out for the night. Describe how the child was sad at first, and a little afraid—but then she had a great time with the babysitter. Talk at length about all the things they did together, and how fun it was. End with a note about how “as they said they would, the little girl’s parents came home right on time, peeked in on their sleeping girl, kissed her on the cheek, and went to bed.”


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