Get Your Kid to School - Ground Work

Laying the Groundwork

From the moment your child awakens, start talking about school—in a casual manner. Don’t overdramatize the situation or sound apologetic about it. Just talk as if you assume that it’s a part of the day.

Involve him in getting ready. When picking clothes, say, “What would you like to wear to school today?” Ask him to help make lunch, or decide what shoes or coat to wear.

Pick a special item or toy for your child to take to school and show to the other students or the teachers.

Have a special “pre-school” and “post-school” routine. Play a special “going to school” song just before you leave the house or in the car on the way to school. Stop off at a coffeeshop together for a quick breakfast; share it before you go to school. Play in the park together after school—or make a regular trip to the ice cream or smoothie store.

Learn the names of the children at school, especially the ones your child regularly plays with. Work them into your pre-school spin.


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