Get Your Kid to Wash Her Hair - Basic Con

Basic Cons

Don’t say it’s time to wash hair; say it’s “time to go to the spa.” Treat your child like an adult customer. Ask her for her appointment time and show her the way to the tub. Adopt a silly accent and keep her giggling throughout the experience.

Who doesn’t love a scalp massage? Even the littlest humans can appreciate this luxury. Use this perk to make hair washing a positive experience.

Teach your child to hold a washcloth tightly over her face (hands at her temples) to keep the water out of her eyes.

Make a shampoo sculpture. Keep a mirror on hand to show your child what she looks like with shampoo on her head. Shape it into a point, a Mohawk, horns, or whatever else comes to mind. Then let her try.

Run the “Hairy 500”—basically, the “Let’s See How Fast We Can Wash Our Hair” game. Competition blinds kids to the con, and before you know it their hair is clean. Count out loud, and write down her time so that she can try to “beat the clock” next time.


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