Get Your Kid to the Doctor or Dentist - Ground Work

Laying the Groundwork

Let your child know when you have an appointment with the doctor or dentist—this will help her learn that it’s something everyone does. Take her with you if you can so that she can see what goes on, and so that she isn’t afraid.

Try to find a doctor and a dentist who really know how to deal with children—they should have “fun” offices, with lots of books, toys, and games.

Don’t refer to your doctor as “the doctor”—make him or her seem more like a friend you see occasionally. When your child has an appointment, don’t say that “we have an appointment with Doctor Jacobs”—say, enthusiastically, “We’re going to see our friend Doctor Jacobs today!”

Schedule appointments as early in the day as possible. This will give you more time to do something fun afterward, and you’re more likely to be seen on time, reducing the wait.


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