I would bet that what prompted you to buy this app was the statement 'lose up to 3 kg (7 lb) in 7 days'. Well, it's not a fake promise. You can. Whether you want to fit into a special outfit, look great on the beach or kick-start a long-term weight plan, one week on the diet will help you achieve your goal.

It will also leave you feeling cleaner and more energized, as not only does it help you lose unwanted pounds, it will start to help your body rid itself of toxins that make you feel lethargic and set you up for a whole host of chronic conditions and diseases. Even if you are treating this as a quick fix solution to a long-term weight problem, you will lose the pounds and give your body a holiday from all your usual bad habits. Hopefully, you'll come out the other side sufficiently inspired to improve your diet and clean up your act on a more permanent basis.

But remember - this will take determination. Making juices and smoothies five times a day takes a lot more effort than throwing something in the microwave or ordering in a pizza. If you haven't got a juicer and a blender already, this means a little investment on your part. And even though this diet isn't as extreme as other 'fruit-and-vegetable' fasts, it is still a powerful detox, and you will need to make preparations so that this diet is as safe and effective as possible.

Read on; even if you are tempted to skip the information at the beginning of the app and go straight to the diet plan, please don't. It is important that you understand the impact this diet plan will have on your body and follow the advice regarding the days leading up to the diet and exercising during that period.

Equally important is the advice on Keeping the weight off on how you should reintroduce food into your diet after your week on juices is up. I have taken into consideration how difficult a regime like this can be for busy people and have allowed for adaptations that may not produce such a dramatic weight loss result, but will nevertheless allow you to lose weight steadily and revitalize your body.

Along with the dietary advice, I have suggested an exercise regime that will kick-start your metabolism and strengthen your body, as well as giving tips on how to make sure your seven-day experience is as holistically beneficial as possible.

So get ready to fill your refrigerator with masses of healthy vitamin- and mineral-packed fruits and vegetables and begin your juicing journey. Destination - 3 kg (7 lb) lighter.

What are you waiting for? Remember, the only person holding you back is you!


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