keeping the weight off

By now you’ve managed to lose up to 3 kg (7 lb) in seven days. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to do anything so drastic ever again?

Coming down from the diet

Before we deal with that topic, let’s get you through the first couple of days after the diet. I would suggest reintroducing solid food carefully.

On the first day after the diet

Breakfast Have either a small bowl porridge with a little fresh fruit, a natural live yogurt with chopped pear and walnuts, or if you like, one of the smoothies with added psyllium or flax seeds.
Snack Have either a handful of seeds or a banana.
Lunch Try steamed vegetables with brown rice, drizzled with sesame oil and tamari dressing.
Snack Have either a juice or some crudités with tahini dip.
Dinner Try a large salad with avocado and sunflower seeds.

On the second day after the diet

Breakfast Eat two poached eggs on rye toast or one of the above options.
Snack Natural live yogurt with honey and berries makes a nutritious snack
Lunch Baked sweet potato with tomato and onion salad will fill the lunchtime gap.
Snack A juice or smoothie will help you over the mid-afternoon slump in energy.
Dinner A grilled salmon steak with broccoli and green beans is a healthy option.

If you follow the rules outlined in the preparation phase of the diet, combined with regular exercise you’ll stay trim. If you do succumb to the odd few glasses of wine or bar of chocolate, simply replace a couple of meals with a delicious and healthy juice or smoothie to get you back on the right track.

I still need to lose more weight

Look at the two alternative systems and pick either the One-meal-a-day Plan or the Weekend Weight-loss Plan. This will allow you to carry on losing weight while still getting the correct balance of nutrients to keep you fit and healthy. Long-term weight control and good health depend on the following:

Waving goodbye to:

  • Refined carbohydrates and processed foods
  • Fizzy drinks, sugary cordials and commercially prepared juices
  • Caffeine-laden coffee and tea
  • Hydrogenated and trans fats; don’t fry food
  • Salty snacks and overly salted food
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Continuing with:

  • Wholegrains and pulses
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; aim to eat at least 50 per cent raw and rev up your phyto-nutrient quota by having a daily power-packed juice
  • High-quality protein – lean poultry and game, organic meat, fish and shellfish, free-range eggs and occasional small portions cheese
  • Natural live yogurt
  • Healthy cold-pressed oils such as olive, flax seed and hemp
  • Herbal teas and plenty of water
  • Limited alcohol consumption – ideally the occasional glass of organic red wine
  • Continue to take supplements for optimum health
  • 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and stretching daily
  • Strengthening routine at least three times per week


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