Literature of the Harlem Renaissance Era

What were the lasting effects of Harlem Renaissance literature on American and African-American culture?

There were numerous programs and developments in African-American culture that were influenced by the Harlem Renaissance and its giants. These include the emergence of Black Studies programs in black and mainstream institutions and a study of the works of Harlem Renaissance scholars, sometimes with separate courses concentrating on the works of particular literary artists, such as Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes. There are courses on black writers with strong focus on those of the Harlem Renaissance, which continues to stimulate a greater demand for their works and a need to republish works long since out of print. Their works are examined and reexamined, and rarely lose their importance in the study of African-American literature. Early issues of journals such as The Crisis and Opportunity are useful sources for a study of developments in Harlem as written during the period of the renaissance. Courses on race relations in America also look at the treatment of blacks in the literature of the Harlem Renaissance.


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