Endocrine System

Adrenal Glands

Corticosteroids and Their Functions

The corticosteroids are vital for life and well-being. Each of the corticosteroids serves a unique purpose.

Hormone Target Effects
Mineralocorticoids Kidneys Increases reabsorption of sodium ions and water from the urine; stimulates loss of potassium ions through excretion of urine
Glucocorticoids Most cells Releases amino acids from skeletal muscles, lipids from adipose tissues; promotes liver glycogen and glucose formation; promotes peripheral utilization of lipids; anti-inflammatory effects
Androgens Promotes growth of pubic hair in boys and girls; in adult women, promotes muscle mass, blood cell formation, and supports the libido; in adult men, adrenal androgens are less signficant because androgens are released primarily from the gonads


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