Nervous System

Peripheral Nervous System: Somatic Nervous System

Cranial Nerves and Their Function

Name of Cranial Nerve Function
I Olfactory Smell
II Optic Vision
III Oculomotor Movement of eyeball and eyelid; constricts pupil; focuses lens
IV Trochlear Movement of eyeball (down and out)
V Trigeminal Sensations to the face, including scalp, forehead, cheeks, upper lip, palate, tongue, and lower jaw; chewing
VI Abducens Lateral movement of eye
VII Facial Facial expressions, taste, secretion of tears, saliva
VIII Vestibulocochlear Hearing and equilibrium (balance)
IX Glossopharyngeal Taste and other sensations of the tongue; swallowing and
secretion of saliva Name of Cranial Nerve
Function X Vagus
Swallowing, coughing, voice production; monitors blood pressure and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in blood
XI Accessory (also called spinal accessory) Voice production; skeletal muscles of palate, pharynx, and larynx; movement of head and shoulders
XII Hypoglossal Movement of tongue during speech and swallowing


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