Nervous System

Sleep and Dreams

Glasgow Coma Scale

Area of Assessment Response Score
Eye opening response Spontaneous—open with blinking at baseline 4
To verbal stimuli, command, speech 3
To pain only (not applied to face) 2
No response 1
Verbal response Oriented and able to converse 5
Confused conversation, but able to answer questions 4
Inappropriate words 3
Incomprehensible speech 2
No response 1
Motor response Obeys commands for movement 6
Purposeful movement to painful stimulus 5
Withdraws in response to pain 4
Flexion in response to pain (decorticate posturing) 3
Extension response in response to pain (decerebrate posturing) 2
No response 1

Total Glasgow coma scores (GCS) indicate the level of the coma:

  • GCS of 3 to 8: a coma, categorized as no eye opening, no ability to follow commands, no word verbalizations

  • GCS of 8 or less: severe head injury

  • GCS of 9 to 12: moderate head injury

  • GCS of 13 to 15: mild head injury


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