Background Facts

Anatomical Terminology

Major Regions of the Trunk

The trunk includes the thorax, often called chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

Region Location
Anterior trunk
Pectoral The chest
Abdominal Area between the lowest ribs and the pelvis
Pelvic The area surrounded by the pelvic bones
Inguinal The groin; the junction of the thighs to the anterior trunk
Posterior trunk
Dorsum Posterior surface of the thorax
Vertebral Region over the vertebral column
Lumbar Lower back region between the lowest ribs and the pelvis
Sacral Region over the sacrum and between the buttocks
Gluteal The buttocks
Region Location
Lateral trunk Axillary
The armpits Coxal
The hips Inferior trunk
Genital External reproductive organs
Perineal Small region between the anus and external reproductive organs


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