Basic Biology


Where are different types of epithelial tissues found in the body?

The different types of epithelial tissue are located in different parts of the body according to their specialization.

Type of Epithelial Tissue Major Locations Major Functions
Simple squamous Lining of lymph vessels, blood vessels, heart, glomerular capsule in kidneys, alveoli (air sacs in lungs), serous membranes lining peritoneal, pleural, pericardial, and scrotal cavities Permits diffusion or filtration through selectively permeable surfaces
Simple cuboidal Lining of many glands and their ducts, surface of ovaries, inner surface of eye lens, pigmented epithelium of eye retina Secretion and absorption
Simple columnar Stomach, intestines, digestive gland, and gall bladder Secretion, absorption, protection, lubrication; cilia and mucus combine to sweep away foreign substances
Stratified squamous Epidermis, vagina, mouth and esophagus, anal canal, distal end of urethra Protection
Stratified cuboidal Ducts of sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and developing epithelium in ovaries and testes Secretion
Stratified columnar Moist surfaces such as larynx, nasal surface of soft palate, parts of pharynx, urethra, and excretory ducts of salivary and mammary glands Secretion and movement


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