Art of the Ancient World, C. 5000 B.c.e.–400 C.E.

Art of Ancient China

What are the major dynasties of ancient China and what kind of art did they produce?

Dynasty Dates Types of Art Produced
Neolithic Period (Pre-Dynastic) c. 7000–2250 B.C.E. Large-scale architecture; painted pottery; jade carving
Xia Dynasty (debated) c. 2205–1700 B.C.E. Monumental architecture; tombs; earliest bronze work
Shang Dynasty c. 1700–1045 B.C.E. Bronze vessels made using piece-mold technique; jade and lacquer objects; carved bones
Zhou Dynasty c. 1045–480 B.C.E. Bronze bells made using lost-wax casting technique; monumental tombs
Period of Warring States 480–221 B.C.E. Highly decorative bronze and jade; lacquered wood; silk textiles
Qin Dynasty 221–206 B.C.E. Monumental tombs; naturalistic clay sculpture
Han Dynasty 206 B.C.E.–220 C.E. Painted silk; jade carvings; metalwork; Buddhism takes root in China
Period of Disunity (also known as Six Dynasties or Northern and Southern Dynasties) 220–589 C.E. Wall paintings; ceramics; painted screens; stone carving; Buddhist art; secular art; calligraphy


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