From the Industrial Revolution to World War I, C. 1850–1914


What is the difference between Manet and Monet?

Eduoard Manet and Claude Monet were both nineteenth-century French painters, and both are associated with Impressionism. They also happen to have very similar names and are often confused. Manet never considered himself an Impressionist and much of his body of work tends towards Realism, with areas of bright, flat color. Manet’s paintings have a somewhat smoother look and often depict bourgeois genre scenes and women.

Monet, on the other hand, specialized in broken brushtrokes, which resulted in a more fragmented look. For example, in his painting, Impression, Sunrise (1873), jagged, orange brushstrokes indicate the reflection of the setting sun on the choppy surface of the water. Fewer of Monet’s paintings include figures, and his most famous paintings are lush landscapes that feature reflective water and scattered light.


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