Star Basics

Other than the Sun, what is the next closest star to Earth?

Name Stars Closest to the Sun Spectral Type Distance in Light-Years
Proxima Centauri* M5V (red dwarf) 4.24
Alpha Centauri A* G2V (sun-like) 4.37
Alpha Centauri B* K0V (orange dwarf) 4.37
Barnard’s Star M4V (red dwarf) 5.96
Wolf 359 M6V (red dwarf) 7.78
Lalande 21185 M2V (red dwarf) 8.29
Sirius A1V (blue dwarf) 8.58
Sirius B DA2 (white dwarf) 8.58
Luyten 726-8A M5V (red dwarf) 8.73
Luyten 726-8B M6V (red dwarf) 8.73
Ross 154 M3V (red dwarf) 9.68
Ross 248 M5V (red dwarf) 10.32
Epsilon Eridani K2V (orange dwarf) 10.52
Lacaille 9352 M1V (red dwarf) 10.74
Ross 128 M4V (red dwarf) 10.92
EZ Aquarii M5V (red dwarf) 11.27
Procyon A F5V (blue-green dwarf) 11.40
Procyon B DA (white dwarf) 11.40
61 Cygni A K5V (orange dwarf) 11.40
61 Cygni B K7V (orange dwarf) 11.40
Struve 2398 A M3V (red dwarf) 11.53
Struve 2398 B M4V (red dwarf) 11.53
Groombridge 34 A M1V (red dwarf) 11.62
Groombridge 34 B M3V (red dwarf) 11.62


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