Galactic Dust and Nebulae

What are some of the best-known gaseous nebulae?

The table below lists some famous nebulae.

Common Name Catalog Name Nebula Type
Crab Nebula Messier 1 supernova remnant
Dumbbell Nebula Messier 27 planetary nebula
Eagle Nebula Messier 16 star-forming region
Eskimo Nebula NGC 2392 planetary nebula
Eta Carina Nebula NGC 3372 star-forming region
Helix Nebula NGC 7293 planetary nebula
Horsehead Nebula Barnard 33 dark nebula
Hourglass Nebula MyCn 18 planetary nebula
Lagoon Nebula Messier 8 star-forming region
Orion Nebula Messier 42 star-forming region
Owl Nebula Messier 97 planetary nebula
Ring Nebula Messier 57 planetary nebula
The Coal Sack N/A dark nebula
Trifid Nebula Messier 20 star-forming region
Veil Nebula NGC 6992 supernova remnant
Witch Head Nebula IC 2118 reflection nebula


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