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How did the author describe the differences between Judaism and Christianity?

Judaism/Old Testament

Christianity/New Testament

God spoke through prophets.

God spoke through his son.

Moses, God’s servant, was faithful to God’s call.

Jesus, God’s son, was faithful to God’s call.

Melchilzedek was the high priest for Abraham.

Jesus was the great high priest.

Aaron was the high priest for Moses.

Jesus was the great high priest.

Abraham obtained the promise God made to him.

God’s heirs obtained a promise God made to them.

If perfection could be achieved through Levitical priesthood, there would not be a need for another priest later on. Perfection is not achieved through Levitical priesthood.

Jesus became priest, not through legal requirements but through the power of indestructible life.

There were many priests. Death prevented them from continuing in office.

Jesus is eternal, and always able to save those who approach God through him.

No one could enter the Holy of Holies except for the high priest, and he could do that only once a year (each and every year) to make special sacrifices. Even these special sacrifices could not perfect the conscience of the worshipper.

Jesus entered the Holy of Holies, not with blood of goats and calves, but with his own blood. This single act meant eternal redemption.

Sacrifice with animal blood over and over.

Sacrifice with blood of Jesus one time.

Law cannot perfect those who approach altar of God. If law made people perfect, there would be no need for continuous animal sacrifices. In animal sacrifices, however, there is constant reminder of sin.

No animal sacrifices. Sacrifice of Jesus’ body. Through Jesus, believers have confidence to approach altar of God.


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