Old Testament

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What did the Tabernacle look like?

Basically, the Tabernacle was a tent. God gave Moses very detailed directions about the Tabernacle’s construction right down to the material the Israelites should use for the pegs (bronze), and how many coverings the Ark of the Covenant should have (four). God gave Moses instructions on how to build the tabernacle and its furnishings, and the types of materials to use in Exodus 25–31. In Exodus 36–39, the Israelites carried out God’s instructions.

Ten linen curtains were made. They were interwoven with blue, purple, and red yarns. Images of cherubim were worked into each curtain. Each curtain was about forty-two feet long and five feet wide. Each curtain was edged with loops of yarn. Using gold clasps, the loops from one curtain were linked to the loops of another curtain. In this way, ten big curtains made two really big curtains. Curtains of goat hair were linked together in a similar way. The goat hair curtains covered the linen curtains. Curtains of ram skins covered the goat hair curtains. Fine leather curtains covered the goat hair curtains. The layers of curtains were the only kind of roof over the Tabernacle.

The curtain that divided the Tabernacle in two was made of fine linen interwoven with blue, purple, and red yarns. Cherubim were woven into the fabric. The curtain hung from gold hooks between four pillars of acacia wood overlaid with gold. The pillars stood in bases of silver. The curtain was to separate the holy place from the most holy place.

A linen screen embroidered in blue, purple, and red was made for the entrance to the Tabernacle.


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