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What do the Bible and Star Trek have in common?

The Star Trek franchise has legions of fans from all walks of life. Star Trek is not about the Bible specifically, but there is no end to the parallels between this famous sci-fi franchise and the Bible. The comparison has been made that starship captain Jean-Luc Picard is a Christlike figure because of his wisdom, compassion, and capacity for self-sacrifice. Likewise, the omniscient Q is likened to God. Other connections have less to do with personality traits of main characters, and more to do with coincidental connections. For instance, actor Jeffrey Hunter played Jesus in the movie King of Kings (1961). Three years later, he played Captain Christopher Pike in the original Star Trek series pilot (1964). Incidentally, Hunter was in his mid-thirties when he played Jesus, close to Jesus’ actual age when he was crucified. Still, critics dubbed Hunter “The Teenage Jesus,” a disparagement of his polished Hollywood good looks.

Another interesting commonality between Star Trek and the Bible is that while actor Leonard Nimoy is best known for his portrayal of the Star Trek icon Mr. Spock, Nimoy has played the role of another wise man. He played the role of the prophet Samuel in the made-for-TV movie David (1997). In addition, Leonard Nimoy is credited with using an ancient Hebrew sign to create the Vulcan salute.


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