DNA, RNA, Chromosomes, and Genes

Genetics and the Human Genome

How have scientists used the data from the Human Genome Project so far?

The data from the Human Genome Project is being used in many different ways, albeit many of them still in their infancy. For example, certain medical treatments are being uncovered through genomic analysis—it has already fueled the discovery of more than 1,800 disease genes; more than 2,000 genetic tests are now available for human conditions; the first human-made life forms have been created (which may help in the future of energy production or help enhance agriculture through bioengineering); even a sequence for the Neanderthal genome (for more about the Neanderthal genome, or Neandertal, see this chapter)—and other advancements in the new field of paleogenomics—will help to shed light on human prehistory.


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