Plant Structure, Function, and Use


What plants have the deepest root systems?

Plenty of root systems go deep underground—some have made it to record depths. The roots of the Boscia albitrunca (Shepherd’s tree) reach 223.1 feet (68 meters) deep, and the Acacia erioloba (camel thorn) roots extend 196.9 feet (60 meters) into the ground, both in the Kalahari Desert; the Juniperus monosperma (one-seed juniper) roots go up to 200.1 feet (61 meters) deep in the Colorado Plateau; the Eucalyptus spp. in the Australian forests; and the roots of the desert shrub mesquite (Prosopis juliflora), which grow nearly 175 feet (53.5 meters) deep near Tucson, Arizona.


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