Aquatic and Land Animal Diversity

Reptiles and Birds

Will wild birds reject baby birds that have been touched by humans?

Contrary to popular belief, birds generally will not reject hatchlings touched by human hands. The best thing to do for newborn birds (probably with the exception of large birds such as raptors—call a wildlife rehabilitator for help in that instance) that have fallen or have been pushed out of the nest is to locate the nest as quickly as possible, put on some gloves, gently pick up the baby, and carefully put them back into the nest (especially if other nestlings are in the nest). If you cannot find the nest, leave the bird alone and watch from a distance—usually the mother will return and get the baby back to the nest in a relatively short time. If no mother returns within a few hours (or less if it is snowing or raining), contact your local wildlife rehabilitator for more information.


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