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Can wearing a copper bracelet help with the symptoms of arthritis?

Arthritis is caused by deterioration of the cartilage in a person’s joints, where deterioration happens faster than the body is able to repair it. Copper bracelets are sold based on the idea that a person may have a copper deficiency that leads to the pain in their joints, thus implying that copper from the bracelet could be absorbed through the skin to help correct the deficiency. In fact, copper deficiencies are extremely rare, and most people eat plenty of copper in their regular diet. Rarely are additional copper supplements necessary. It has not been proven that copper can be absorbed through the skin, nor has it been proven that the bracelets can help with any symptoms of arthritis or joint pain.

Moreover, excess intake of copper can result in poisoning, so if copper can be absorbed through the skin from a bracelet, one would want to monitor their dosage carefully. It is also worth pointing out that we know of no cases of poisoning resulting from wearing copper bracelets.


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