Lincoln’s Election, Southern Secession: 1860 to April 1861

John Brown’s Martyrdom

What was the next month like for Brown and his admirers?

Many people in the North expressed admiration for Brown’s actions. Though some people still spoke of “Osawatomie” Brown and “Pottawatomie” Brown, the majority of voices were full of praise for this old man who had attempted to free the slaves. Southern newspapers responded in kind, blasting the abolitionists for granting praise to such a person.

For his part, Brown seemed to relish the attention, but not to need it. During the month between his trial and his execution, Brown often seemed like the coolest, most collected person in his situation. He befriended his jailer, received a visit from his wife, and seemed quite ready to die. This, plus the noble attitude during his trial, earned Brown the admiration of many people.


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