The Fight For Tennessee: July 1863 to January 1864

Battle of Lookout Mountain

Who was scheduled to make the big attack on November 25, 1863?

The honor went to William T. Sherman, who had done a fine job of bringing four divisions north of Chattanooga, over the Tennessee River, and into striking distance of the northernmost part of Missionary Ridge. The trouble was that Sherman was operating with a poor set of maps, and he was actually half a mile short of his true destination. When he, therefore, commenced his attack on November 25, Sherman ran into ferocious resistance from Patrick Cleburne’s division. Sherman lost slightly more than 2,000 men killed, wounded, or missing, while Cleburne lost a quarter of that number. Another general might have been in trouble, with his commanding officer and the Washington brass, but Sherman, in his failure, was protected by Ulysses Grant.


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