Cretaceous Peroid


Cretaceous Period

Scientists divide the Cretaceous into two epochs: the Early Cretaceous (also called the Lower Cretaceous or, less formally, lower or early Cretaceous), from approximately 144 to 89 million years ago; and the Late Cretaceous (also called the Upper Cretaceous, or upper or late Cretaceous), from approximately 89 to 65 million years ago. Each of these main epochs is broken up into smaller ages. The following chart gives the European nomenclature for each age:

Epoch Age Millions of Years Ago (approx)
Late Maastrichtian    74–65
  Campanian    83–74
  Santonian    87–83
  Coniacian    89–87
Early Turonian    93–89
  Cenomanian    97–93
  Albian 112–97
  Aptian 125–112
  Barremian 132–125
  Hauterivian 135–132
  Valanginian 141–135
  Berriasian 144–141


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