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Dinosaur Intelligence Based on Encephalization Quotient

Unfortunately, there are no dinosaurs around, so there is no way we can determine a dinosaur’s intelligence quotient, or IQ. However, we can judge how relatively intelligent dinosaurs were by taking a ratio of brain weight (based on the skull volume) to body weight, then comparing these ratios for various dinosaurs. This ratio is called the encephalization quotient (EQ). Based on this idea, the smartest dinosaurs had the larger brain to body weight ratios than the less intelligent ones.

The following table lists some types of dinosaurs and their EQs. Note that the dromaeosaurids and troodontids were thought to be some of the smartest dinosaurs. The troodontids included the Troodon, a carnivore; the dromaeosaurid dinosaurs included the Velociraptor, a 6-foot (1.8-meter) carnivore with clawed feet, and sharp, pointed teeth that probably roamed in packs:

Dinosaur EQ (approximate)
Dromaeosaurids        5.8
Troodontids        5.8
Carnosaurs 1.0–1.9
Ornithopods 0.9–1.5
Ceratopsians 0.7–0.9
Stegosaurs        0.6
Ankylosaurs      0.55
Sauropods        0.2
Velociraptor        0.2
Sauropodomorphas        0.1


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