Dinosaurs Behaviour

Eating Habits

Have any fossilized stomach contents of dinosaurs been found?

Although rare, some dinosaur stomach remains have been found over the years. The best examples are from carnivorous dinosaurs: The fossilized remains of a lizard (Bavaisaurus) were found in the gut region of a carnivorous dinosaur called Compsognathus—no doubt the dinosaur’s last meal. In addition, Coelophysis fossils have been found with the fossilized remains of other Coelophysis dinosaurs inside the gut region, indicating these dinosaurs probably engaged in cannibalism. Whether this was active predation or scavenging has not been determined.

The stomach contents of herbivorous dinosaurs have not been as definitive, however, due to the organic nature of the material. One case was reported in the early 1900s, where the fossilized remains of an Edmontosaurus had been found with conifer seeds, twigs, and needles in the body cavity. However, it could not be determined if these were actual stomach contents, or just debris that had subsequently washed into the carcass.


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