Dinosaurs Behaviour

Eating Habits

What did dinosaurs eat?

Based on the popular representations of dinosaurs in the media, these large, vicious creatures could eat anything they wanted—and some probably did. In reality, there is very little direct evidence of what specific dinosaurs truly ate. But, based on rare evidence and other factors, paleontologists have made some assumptions about dinosaur diets.

Since dinosaurs lived on our planet for around 150 million years, they must have slowly adapted to the changing flora and fauna. Overall, there were apparently two major, and one minor, types of dinosaurs: herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, respectively. Most of the dinosaurs were herbivores, or animals that ate available plants; the carnivorous dinosaurs, of course, ate animals, including other dinosaurs. Very few dinosaurs were omnivores—animals that ate both meat and plants.


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