Dinosaurs Behaviour

Dinosaurs in Motion

What do dinosaur tracks tell us about locomotion of some dinosaurs?

Dinosaur trackways can tell us a few things about dinosaur behavior. For sauropods, the tracks are usually of more than one creature and head in the same direction, indicating a social herding behavior or even a migration. Some trackways include footprints of large theropods; some prints indicate a pack behavior for stalking large sauropods.

Dinosaur trackways confirm that certain dinosaurs walked and ran on all four legs (quadrupeds) and others on two legs (bipeds). The tracks also show that some dinosaurs walked in an erect fashion, putting one foot almost directly in front of the other. In addition, some dinosaurs quickly ran, or walked slowly, probably depending on whether the animals were browsing, wading, trotting, running after prey, or running from predators. Another interesting observation: so far, very few tail marks—indicating the dinosaurs dragged their tails along behind them—have been found in trackways. Because of this, scientists believe most dinosaurs probably held their tails erect.


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