Dinosaurs Inside and Out

Abnormal Dinosaur Bones

What do traumatic fractures in the bones of large theropods (carnivores) tell us about the behavior of these animals?

Some bones from carnivorous dinosaurs do show signs of traumatic fractures. One example was recently found by scientists using X-rays of the rib bones from an Allosaurus. Scientists believe the fractures could have been caused by a belly flop onto the hard ground while running. This suggests that these large theropods were not sluggish creatures, but were active hunters, running after prey fast enough to crack ribs if they fell during the pursuit.

Scientists used to believe that no DNA could have survived the millions of years since the dinosaurs became extinct, but in 2007 they discovered collagen proteins from within a T rex bone. This is an amazing discovery that could prove, among other things, how closely dinosaurs are related to birds (iStock).

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