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Where did a dinosaur stampede take place?

Evidence of a stampede was discovered in 1960 in Australia. There, in the Lark Quarry Environment Park, south of Wilton, on the eroded edge of the Tully Range, are hundreds of dinosaur footprints preserved in rock. The footprints were made as dinosaurs walked in mud around a prehistoric lake.

Typical for animal life, most of the tracks were made as large carnivores hunted for prey along the edge of the lake. In particular, large carnosaurs trapped groups of coelurosaurs and ornithopods; in one instance, a carnosaur attacked an unfortunate animal, pursuing its victim along the muddy shore—and causing the rest of the surrounding dinosaurs to stampede in panic. And although there is no longer a large lake with carnivorous dinosaurs, the area still holds a bit of danger. Because of the rough terrain, it is not easy to reach this park.


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