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Who is Rinchen Barsbold?

Rinchen Barsbold is a Mongolian paleontologist who has named many recently discovered dinosaurs from China. He has named the Adasaurus (1983), Ansermimus (1988), Conchoraptor (1986), the family Enigmosauridae (1983), Enigmosaurus (1983), Gallimimus (1972), Garudimimus and the family Garudimimidae (1981), Harpymimus and the family Harpymimidae (1984), Ingenia (1981), the family Ingeniidae (1986), the family Oviraptoridae (1976), and the suborder Segnosauria (1980). The duck-billed dinosaur Barsboldia (1981) was named in honor of Barsbold.


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