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Do things really disappear in the Bermuda Triangle

The “Bermuda Triangle,” or “Devil’s Triangle,” is a popular legend that suggests a supernatural or paranormal reason for a supposedly large number of missing aircraft and sea-going vessels within its area. The legend generally places the area of the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, with its three corners located at Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida. But you won’t be able to find the Bermuda Triangle on a map since it is not a geographically or politically defined area, and its location is solely designated by the legend.

Though the legend has circulated for at least a century, there seems to be little evidence that this area is subjected to anything but natural hazards and human error. Most of the evidence for the phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle stems from the disappearance of the five aircraft of Flight 19 in December 1945, as well as a search plane that was sent to find them. Though the popular version of the disappearance of Flight 19 assumes a mysterious end, a mixture of missing navigational apparatus, human error, low fuel, and choppy seas most likely led to the squadron’s disappearance and demise.


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