War and Conflict

Joan of Arc

What were the Hussite Wars?

The Hussite Wars were fought in the former kingdom of Bohemia (part of present-day Czech Republic) between 1420 and 1433. The country was plunged into the 13-year war by festering hostilities between papal forces and Bohemian peasants (the Hussites, named such since they were followers of religious reformer Jan Huss, c. 1373–1415). In the Four Articles of Prague (1420), the Hussites called for freedom of preaching, limits to church property holding, and civil punishment of mortal sin. The fighting ended in 1433 with the compromise of the Counsel of Basel and three years later was officially ended by the Compact of Iglau (1436), in which a faction of the Hussites agreed to accept the Holy Roman Emperor as king. The peasants had succeeded nevertheless in asserting Bohemian nationalism and had severed the country’s ties to Germany.


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