Introduction to Personal Investing

The Basics

There is so much information online. How do I choose what to read?

It is important to use the Internet to search for broad topics, beginning first with various financial sites, and then digging deeper into the subject before moving on to the next subject. If you study this information in small increments, over time you will learn a considerable amount about each of the areas of personal finance of interest to you. When you feel the subject matter is getting too technical for you, stop and move on until you are ready for more details. Websites are developed and produced in the same manner as newspapers and magazines. Editors and writers cover many topics, from basics on personal finance to very advanced technical analysis of individual stocks and trading strategies. Find websites that are at your level, and just dive in. If the story or topic is too deep, try Googling that word or phrase, and read a definition of it before continuing. After you do this daily or weekly, you begin to see similar stories covered many times, and you will be able to develop an opinion on that idea after reading so many different perspectives. This is how you begin to build your knowledge on personal finance and keep current about what is happening with your money.


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