Lawyers and Lawsuits


Can attorneys challenge certain jurors?

Yes, there are two basic types of challenges: (1) challenges for cause and (2) peremptory challenges. Challenges for cause occur when it is clear that a juror is too biased or predisposed in a case and could not decide the case impartially. There is no limit to for-cause challenges but usually it has to be pretty clear that the prospective juror is biased.

Peremptory challenges are those in which an attorney has a gut feeling that someone would not make a good juror for his side. The court sets the number of peremptory challenges in a case or the number may be established by a state’s rules of civil procedure.

The court must select a jury before trial. This can be a long process, as the attorneys for each side have the right to challenge whether someone can be a juror (iStock).

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